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The Andrew Huiras Family

By Connie Lenzen

My husband, Gerry Lenzen, was born in Wisconsin, and summer vacation usually included a trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin to visit his Lenzen, Schumacher, and Huiras relatives. Gerry's parents gave him a copy of the John Joseph Schumacher family book that a Comfrey, Minnesota, cousin had compiled. It contained names and dates, and a few family stories. We used that book a lot because it helped us sort out who belonged to whom.

Both Gerry and I were disturbed that little was said about Joseph Schumacher's wife. Her name was given as Theresia Huiras, and the names of her parents were given, but nothing was said about who she was. We decided to do something about that. Over the next twenty years, we researched the Huiras name and found that it seemed to be a rather uncommon one. In fact, each branch seemed to think they were the only ones left. After several on-site visits and correspondence and research, we began to accumulate a pile of materials. Gerry's parents visited even more relatives and brought home photos and vital information. It got to the point where we knew we had to do something with the material. So, we decided to write a book.

We began with Gerry's ancestress, Theresia (Huiras) Schumacher. She had nine children, and most of them had children (lots of them), and most of her grandchildren had children (lots of them). We finished the Theresia book in 1986. We then set out to write a book about each of Theresia's siblings—all seven of them. The final product was eight books, all published in hard-bound covers, and all copyrighted. For information on each book, click here.

It is now a generation later. People are still asking for copies of the books, but we sold out the Theresia book and the Catherine book. We have a few copies of the other books. Will we reprint the books? At this point, we aren't planning on doing it. If someone wants to continue the project, we will be glad to talk to them about sharing our information. (Just don't steal it—the books are under copyright.)



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