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Connie Lenzen holds the Certified Genealogist credential that is granted by the Board for Certification of Genealogists after rigorous examination. She attends and teaches courses on methodology in order to keep up with the industry. She could be considered a "general practice" genealogist. While she is a Northwest native and enjoys projects that take place in the Northwest, her cases include many geographical areas. She even creates booklets for her clients.

Connie was first bitten by the genealogy bug when her grandmother introduced her to the treasures tucked into the attic spaces in her grandmother's home. Connie has watched genealogy progress as standards were introduced, the Internet became the starting place, and DNA emerged upon the scene. She still goes back to those treasures in the attic that provide tangible proof that her ancestors were living people who had stories to tell. Some of those stories provided the push to write articles. Links to some of those articles are provided below.

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