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We are Connie and Gerry Lenzen, and we are working on our family history. Gerry does his family, and Connie does hers. Sometimes, we even work together.

A together exercise:

We wrote a series of eight books about the descendants of Andrew Huiras and Anna Maria Lautenschlager, Bavarian immigrants to the US.


Connie's ancestors:

Susan Harrington (Johnson) Dudley was born in 1829 in Massachusetts and died ninety-six years later in Portland, Oregon. Susan was remarkable , a highly-educated woman, a temperance worker, and the mother of five adopted children. Susan and her husband, William Henry Dudley, adopted five children in Massachusetts. Three died in infancy and one left to find his birth family. Susan (Dudley) Titus, the youngest child, was the mother of Susan's grandchildren. (Large pdf file that comes in as a download.)

Francis B. (Whitney) Miller. Francis was born 26 October 1836 in West Woodstock, Vermont. That is what she wrote on a family register. What she didn't record was the name of her parents. The search for her ancestry was solved by researching everyone who came in contact with her—and by finding deeds to a small parcel of land owned by her mother and her various husbands. (Yes, her given name was spelled with an i.)

Mathew Miller (1827–1891). Mathew appears without an apparent family in Eaton County, Michigan in 1845. The search for his family leads to scandals as we meet some family skeletons.

Joseph Stariha (1857–1930). Joseph Stariha had the "wanderlust." He traveled throughout the Pacific Northwest. He was a cowboy, a homesteader, a logger, a railroadman, and a silver miner. He waited until he was 48-years-old to marry, and then he raised a family of six active children.

Frances (Cvar) Stariha (1878–1956). Frances was a quiet woman who had few possession in her life. Her trunk, a few documents, and recollections by her family are woven together to tell her story. Intermixed in the narrative, we meet Louis Cvar, her brother. He is the one who "got in trouble with the immigration authorities." Anglela (Cvar) Stariha, her sister was not so quiet. After the initial, "Why do you want to know?" question, she provided much information about the family. We are introduced to their father, John Cvar. He almost met his goal of finding American husbands for his three daughters. We meet Terezija Cvar, the sister who stayed in Slovenia.

William Henry and Susan (Johnson) Dudley A small pocket diary kept by Will Dudley leads the way into his world. The mundane listing of prices in the 1880s for milk and butter, garden and horse expenses tells what life was like in a small Michigan town. A hidden letter from Will's son reveals a side of child-rearing that was seldom discussed. The guest book for the Dudley's 50th wedding anniversary provides a list of Charlotte town-folk in 1900. Susan Dudley's autobiography, written for her 95th birthday tells us what life was like for a woman who was raised in a priveleged family.

Milla Tzila Lufkin aka Susan Josephine (Dudley) Titus (1865–1925). Susan was born in Boston and adopted by William H. and Susan Harrington (Johnson) Dudley. The search for her birth parents, David Lufkin and Caroline Kelsey, was conducted in the late 1890s and is being done again.

William "Will" Sanford Titus, Jr. (1857–1957) A diary for 1881, the year Will turned 24, tells about his experiences at Olivet College in Olivet, Michigan, and life with his family in Charlotte, Michigan. Will recorded the highlights of his days so that we can see what life was like in a small denominational college and "down on the farm."

Elizabeth (Niesz) Titus (1820–1891). This is a three-generation ascending lineage and includes Elizabeth, her mother Mary (Young) Niesz (1798–1868), and her grandmother Barbara (Herchelroth) Young Newman (1773–1868). (Large pdf file)


Gerry's ancestors

David Rose (1721–1781). A goal of this research was to try to find record of David Rose and his wife, Hannah Par, in Washington County, Maryland. Another purpose of this research was to specifically identify and locate David Rose in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, between 1760 and 1780. A secondary purpose of this research was to use Robert and Abigail Rose, identified as the parents of David Rose by Judge Rose, to help locate and identify David Rose in New Jersey between 1745 and 1760.

Joseph Fields (about 1776–1850). Indirect evidence indicates that Joseph Fields was the father of William C. Fields. William married Sarah (Sally) Cook in Howard County, Missouri, December 28, 1837. These latter two were determined to be the direct ancestors of the author, Gerald S. Lenzen.

Calvin Sigel Hall was born 30 March 1863 in Hancock County, Ohio; he died 20 March 1961 in Portland, Oregon. His family moved from Ohio to Schuyler, Nebraska by covered wagon. They moved back to Ohio and then to Fayette, Missouri. He ended up in Portland, Oregon, with his family. (Large pdf file)

Leach Family from Maryland. The William Fields and William Leach families may have come from Maryland to Scott County, Kentucky, in the late 1700's and early 1800's.

Lenzen Family. Gerry's immigrant ancestor was Joseph Lenzen. For a chart of his descendants, click here.


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