What does it cost to hire a professional genealogist?

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Frequently asked questions

"How much will you charge to research my family history?"

The answer is that it depends. It depends on what is needed and how long it will take to find it. Each research request is different. Each one takes a different amount of time, and you are buying my time and expertise. My fee is affordable, and there is no minimum block of time.

I provide an honest piece of work for a fair price. Let me know your objectives, and I will provide an estimate of charges.

"What do you offer that I can't get from other researchers?"

I know where the information is located and how to analyze that information. It is simply more cost effective to hire someone who has knowledge and skill.

You will receive a report with the research findings, an analysis of what to do next, and relevant documents (all source-cited).

Contact me for my hourly rate which includes the time spent on analysis of the problem, the research, the evaluation, and the report. Travel outside the Portland metro area is charged at the IRS rate. You can send information about your genealogy needs by email. See the query form.
I'll look at your research question. If I can help you, I will send an agreement form. If I can't help you, I'll refer you to someone else.
Even though there is no minimum block of time. The best results are achieved in ten-hour blocks of time. When the work can be done in less than ten hours, this can be negotiated. Payment is to be received before the research is conducted.
Please contact me via e-mail, ConnieLenzen@gmail.com. I enjoy talking to people on the telephone, but it is difficult to take accurate notes. Be as specific as possible about your research request. Tell me what are your goals and what you have already done.


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