Huiras Family in Bavaria and America

In 1850, Andrew Huiras and his family left their Buchenlohe, Bavaria, farm with a "chest of gold" and hopes for a good life in America. They settled in the Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, forests where they wrestled a farm from the rocky soil. Their stories are the stories of the pioneer. Andrew and Anna Maria (Lautenschlager) Huiras had eight children who lived to adulthood; a book was written for each of them. See the list of books below.

In addition, Hans Huiras, a German relative, wrote the Chronik der Familie Huiras in 1999 (in German). The 284 page book takes the family back in time. The first 69 pages of the book contains the basic history of the ancestral families. Permission was granted to Gerry Lenzen to reproduce these pages for American readers. The pages have been translated into English and are available in hard copy ($20.00, including postage) or as a pdf ($10.00).

Each of the following books is $20.00 (includes postage).

Book 1: Theresia's Story [Sorry, this is sold out.]

Book II: Catherine's Story. Catherine Huiras married Joseph Kuelbs in Wisconsin. They moved to Leavenworth, Minnesota in 1865. As a young prairie wife, she was left with small children when her husband disappeared. Her story is a tale of a pioneer woman's struggle to raise her family. [99 pages, indexed]

Book III: Joseph's Story. Joseph Huiras, the eldest Huiras child, was the first member of his family to leave the Buchenlohe, Bavaria farm home, leading the way for his family to migrate to Wisconsin. His journeys took him from Wisconsin to Iowa, then California, and finally to Oregon. [105 pages, indexed]

Book IV: John's Story. John Baptist Huiras arrived in the New World as an eighteen year old youth. As a strong pioneer, he homesteaded farms in Wisconsin and Minnesota, developing the virgin prairie into a prosperous farm land for his descendants. [165 pages, indexed]

Book V: Anna Maria's Story [Sorry, this is sold out.]

Book VI: George's Story. George Huiras stayed on the Wisconsin homestead where he built a fine home and raised a distinguished family. His efforts preserved the original American Huiras farm. [160 pages, indexed]

Book VII: Andrew's Story. Andrew Huiras led a quiet life. His family moved from the Leavenworth farm to St. Paul, Minnesota. Andrew's life story is intertwined with all of his siblings. [83 pages, indexed]

Book VIII: Michael's Story. The life of Michael Huiras, a popular and successful Springfield, Minnesota store-keeper, postmaster and town councilman, mirrored the health conditions of the nineteenth century. He lost two wives and six children to diseases that are now just memories. [63 pages, indexed]

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