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Client Projects

Genealogy is a satisfying hobby. It can be done by all ages, and it can be done at home during leisure time. However, there comes a time when professional assistance is needed. A professional genealogist who knows genealogical standards and methods and the resources can save you time by doing the research for you or by providing guidance.

Sample reports for BU course

The Taylor family in 1920 and 1930. Click here to view the Dan Taylor family of Chicago.

The Laurenzio family in 1920 and 1930. Click here to view the Maggiorino Laurenzio family of Oregon.

The typical research project involves extending the family line back several or more generations or for uncovering the "why" an ancestor did what the did.

No examples are provided because I feel the client's family is their family. Please contact me at for additional information on your project.

Types of other projects in alphabetical order

Building histories. Click here for the history of the Grand Central Bowl building.
Compile genealogies. Click here for an example of a three-generation narrative lineage.
Document family possessions. Click here for an example.
Find missing relatives. No example included here due to privacy concerns. However, this is a specialty of mine.
House histories. Click here for an example.
Click here for an example of a series of homes owned by a family.
Locate birth families. No example included here because of privacy concerns.
Memory book. Click here to see an example.
Proof arguments. Click here to view a proof argument about conflicting birthdates.

Research Oregon Trail families.

Research pre-Oregon Trail families.
Click here for an example that includes Chief Joseph and his sister Eliza Gale.
Click here to go to the St. Paul Mission Historical Society webpage to see French Prairie Pioneer biographies.
Search for naturalization records.
Click here for an example of a 1913 naturalization record.
Click here for an example of how an 1897 naturalization record was located.
Use tax records to track people.
Click here for a poll tax example.
Click here for a Multnomah County tax record example.

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