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Query Form, Services, and Fees

Query Form

It is suggested that you first contact me by cutting and pasting the information below into an email. I will get back to you with a fee and costs estimate and a requested retainer

Client Contact Information





RESEARCH GOALS in order of priority:



LIMITATIONS (time, budget, etc.):


FAMILY INFORMATION: To avoid being charged for duplicate work, please provide whatever information you have already compiled on the person or family to be researched. This should include family group sheets, ancestor / descendant charts, religious affiliations, known places of residence, dates and places of birth, marriage, death and other significant life events, sibling information, etc.







Services and Fees

Research Services Include

  • Review of information provided by you
  • Formulation of the work plan
  • Research and analysis
  • Written report of findings, including negative findings
  • Recommendations for future research
  • Copies, transcriptions, or abstracts of documents, as appropriate

Retainer Fee

Payment is due before research is started. After a client-professional relationship is established, payment can be made at the end of a project.

Other charges will be billed upon completion

Research time includes travel, telephone, and email consultations with client.

Negative findings and unsuccessful searches are charged.

Reimbursable Expenses

Out-of-pocket costs including but not limited to postage, photocopies, parking, travel outside the metro area (if by car, at the standard IRS mileage rate), repository entrance fees, and the like.


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